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Real Estate Investing with Coach Carson

Apr 24, 2023

Episode #288 - (Best of Coach Carson) Erion Shehaj helps his clients use real estate to achieve financial independence. His approach "the Blueprint", digs deep on different wealth building and early retirement techniques, including the rental debt snowball.  By the end, you will gain clarity about using real estate to...

Apr 17, 2023

Episode #287 - Are you frustrated with your lack of progress as a rental property investor? It could be you have the wrong strategy - or it could be something more important. Learn what in this episode.



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Apr 10, 2023

Episode #286 - Negotiations aren’t battles where you’re fighting over the lowest price with a seller. Instead, negotiations involve flipping over puzzle pieces to understand and solve a problem TOGETHER. I’ll show you the key tip that unlocks how to do this, and it isn’t what you think.


Apr 3, 2023

Episode #285 - Recently I had a special yet simple experience while living abroad in Granada, Spain. I would have missed this experience COMPLETELY without doing something called "slow travel." Hear the full story in this episode.



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