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Real Estate Investing with Coach Carson

Jan 31, 2022

Episode #204 - The day Dustin Heiner left his boss's office after being let go, he knew he'd never depend on a job again. In this interview, he shares how he developed passive income streams from real estate to replace his salary (and more!) so that he's now successfully unemployed while still in his 40s.

Show Notes:

Jan 24, 2022

Episode #203 - How would you like to own an RV for fun, but have it paid for my renters? That's exactly what Robert Leonard did, and he explains all the details and numbers in this podcast episode. This is a helpful episode whether you also want to own an RV or whether you just want to expand your thinking about what's...

Jan 17, 2022

Episode #202 - This interview is with Jason Malabute, an investor from California who was born with a disability called cerebral palsy. The interview could also be called "fierce determination" because that's the quality Jason has used to overcome obstacles throughout his life. Learn about Jason's experiences and...

Jan 10, 2022

Episode #201 - In this interview, Coach Carson talks to Ian Formigle of Crowdstreet about passive commercial real estate investing. Until recently, the best commercial deals were only available to insiders and elite, larger investors. But innovative tech platforms like Crowdstreet have made it possible for...