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Real Estate Investing with Coach Carson

Jun 28, 2021

Episode #172 - Mark O. Haroldsen began investing in real estate in the early 1970s, and within 4 years at age 30 had achieved financial freedom. He went on to write a book called How to Wake Up the Financial Genius in You, which has since sold over 2 million copies. In this interview, Mark shares stories and advice from...

Jun 21, 2021

Episode #171 - How do you create enough income from investments to pay all your expenses AND never run out? One strategy is called the income floor.

In this episode, Coach Carson explains the challenge of living off investments, what an income floor is, why it's helpful, and how you can build one using real estate or...

Jun 14, 2021

Episode #170 - What are the best FIRE (financial independence, retire early) podcasts? In this episode, Coach Carson shares the 12 podcasts he thinks are worth listening to. He also shares a little about each podcast and what makes each one unique.

Companion article/show notes:

Jun 7, 2021

Episode #169 - After the loss of a family member, Tiffany & Mark decided in their early 30s to quit their jobs, move back to their hometown, and prioritize time with their family. In this interview, Coach discusses their journey of paying off their personal debt, investing in long-distance rental properties, and...