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Real Estate Investing with Coach Carson

Feb 28, 2022

Episode #210 - Learn how Ray Zhao, a busy professional in Los Angeles, California started investing in real estate across the county in North Carolina and bought 6 properties in 1 year using what he learned in Coach Carson's course Real Estate Deal School.


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Feb 25, 2022

Episode #209 - How can you retire comfortably using your 401k or retirement account nest egg to diversify into real estate? That's the question Coach tackles in this episode of Ask Coach.

Buy real estate in a retirement account:



Feb 21, 2022

Episode #208 - Learn how Ashley Hamilton started her real estate journey as a waitress making $2/hour. She now has 24 properties, 14 of them owned debt-free! You'll learn the specific steps she took, where she got the money, how she learned to invest, and what obstacles she faced. You'll also learn about her home...

Feb 14, 2022

Episode #207 - Learn how one investor began with no money, working a construction job mixing cement, and then grew to own hundreds of investment properties. Sterling White grew up on welfare in Indianapolis, Indiana, but in this incredible interview, you'll learn the decisions, mindsets, mentors, and...

Feb 11, 2022

Episode #206 - Is it smart or stupid to borrow against your home to buy a rental property? In this Ask Coach episode, Coach Carson shares when borrowing against your home makes sense, when it doesn't, and how to borrow safely if you do.



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