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Real Estate & Financial Independence Podcast

Jun 29, 2020

This episode is an interview with a New York City native named Mauricio Rubio. Mauricio left his high-paying investment banking and e-commerce career to be more involved as a dad and to invest full time in real estate. He now invests in vacation rentals near New York and urban condos in walkable areas. 
Chad also...

Jun 15, 2020

Episode #118 - Coach Carson interviews self-directed IRA expert Sean McKay about how to use your retirement account to invest in real estate. You’ll learn what a self-directed account is, the pros and cons of investing in real estate with an IRA or 401k, the rules you need to follow, and examples of how retirement...

Jun 8, 2020

Episode #117 - How do you get your rental properties to pay for your lifestyle? That’s the topic of this video. You’ll learn how some investors give each of their properties a job description so that it pays for a certain part of their lifestyle. You’ll also learn how others use an income floor to ensure they have...

May 25, 2020

Episode #115 - There are no secrets to success in real estate investing. Instead, there are core principles (aka fundamentals) that the best investors focus on. This episode shares 7 of those fundamentals that you can practice and improve in order to increase your odds of success. 

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May 4, 2020

Episode #112 - Coach Carson interviews John Schaub, a successful real estate investor for 4 decades and author of Building Wealth One House a Time. You’ll learn how you can reach financial independence using little deals and a simple portfolio of quality properties. John also shares his experience from 7 recessions...