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Real Estate Investing with Coach Carson

Sep 25, 2023

Episode #310 - Join us as we dive into the inspiring journey of Matthew and Angel, a couple who skyrocketed their net worth to $1.1 million through savvy real estate investing while juggling full-time jobs. From their humble beginnings to their very first real estate venture, we explore the nitty-gritty of...

Sep 18, 2023

Episode #309 - Discover two different paths to financial independence through real estate with 2 captivating case studies. Meet Liz and Tom in St. Louis and Tiffany and Darius in the Bay Area. Their unique journeys applying REI tools strategically with a plan. Join me and uncover the keys to long-term equity...

Sep 11, 2023

Episode #308 - Unlock more time and profit in your rental property ventures by making strategic hires, understanding the vital role of an asset manager, and harnessing the power of an integrator to take your real estate game to the next level.



Sep 4, 2023

Episode #307 - Shawn unravels the world of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) to supercharge his rental income. See how to navigating zoning hurdles to raising funds and project management. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting out, this ADU goldmine episode can be your ticket to rental success!