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Real Estate Investing with Coach Carson

Mar 28, 2022

Episode #217 - Coach Carson and his family are moving to Spain for a year starting in July 2022. Learn why they're going, where they're going, what they're doing about school for their kids, how they're paying for it with rental income, what they plan to do while there, and more.


Mar 25, 2022

Episode #216 - Real estate prices seem like they are getting out of hand! And now, interest rates are creeping up. Is this a good time to wait for a correction and sit out as a real estate investor? Or are there still opportunities? This is the question Coach Carson answers in this episode of Ask Coach.


Mar 21, 2022

Episode #215 - How do you dig yourself out of a financial hole with over $100k in debt and careers that aren't high paying? Josh and Ali (aka The FI Couple) share their answer in this episode. Their journey to no debt included house hacking, money conversations, deliberate money choices, and starting...

Mar 18, 2022

Episode #214 - If you could only use ONE formula, one analysis metric to tell if a real estate deal is a good deal or NOT a good deal - what formula would you use? That's the question Coach tackles in this episode of Ask Coach.

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Internal Rate of Return video:

Mar 14, 2022

Episode #213 - Will and Veronica began 10 years with a dream to improve their financial lives. Now they own 31 rental units, Verronica has left her job as an educator, and Will is in the position to be able to leave his as a fire fighter. Learn all the details of their story - from beginning to end - including...