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Real Estate & Financial Independence Podcast

Sep 5, 2019

Episode #65 - What interest rate should you pay for private money as a real estate investor? 10%? 6%? What is reasonable?
In this Ask Coach episode, Chad shares what effects the interest rate you pay. And he also shares his own experience from borrowing a lot of private over the last 17...

Jun 6, 2019

Episode #46 - Private money lending is an alternative source of funding for your real estate investing deals. But how do you find someone willing to loan you private money?

In this episode of Ask Coach, Chad shares how he has built relationships with private money lenders in his real estate investing...

Feb 28, 2019

Episode #18: What if you don't have enough cash to buy a real estate investment? Whether you are new or you spent all your cash on other deals, partnerships could be a solution to keep you buying more properties. 
Coach Carson shares his favorite ideas for using real estate partnerships in this episode of Ask...