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Real Estate & Financial Independence Podcast

Feb 17, 2020

Episode #101 - Erion Shehaj is a real estate agent & investor who helps clients use real estate to achieve financial independence. Chad interviews Erion about his approach (called "the Blueprint"), and they dig deep on different wealth building and early retirement techniques, including the rental debt snowball.  By the...

Feb 10, 2020

Episode #100 - To celebrate the first 100 podcast episodes, Coach shares 10 impactful ideas from the first 100 episodes. You'll also get a chance to win a free copy of his book Retire Early With Real Estate.
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Feb 3, 2020

Episode #99 - In this episode, Coach shares the top 3 lessons he learned from Pete Fortunato, a 51+ year veteran of real estate investing. You can use and apply these lessons to your own investing (and life).
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Jan 27, 2020

Episode #98 - Have you ever had a brilliant or important idea, but later on you forgot it?! Life is hectic, and it’s easy to lose ideas that you want to remember. 

But in this episode, Coach shares a simple, easy-to-apply process to remember your best ideas, both in your personal and professional life.

The process is...

Jan 20, 2020

Episode #97 - Do you have a plan to retire early? If so, how confident are you that it'll work? In this episode, Coach share three case studies of how to use real estate investing to retire early and confidently. After listening you'll have a better idea of the methods and steps needed to create your own early...