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Real Estate & Financial Independence Podcast

Sep 19, 2019

Episode #69 - Have you ever wondered how wholesalers get paid? If you're not familiar with wholesalers, they are investors who find good deals and quickly resell them to landlords or flippers.
In this episode, Chad explains the actual transactions and ways wholesalers make their money. Whether you'll be buying from...

Sep 16, 2019

Episode #68 - This is an interview with a 24-year-old, Julian Colvard, who began finding real estate deals soon after graduating from college. Julian shares the networking, learning, and action steps he's taken to quickly get off the ground as a new real estate wholesaler. Whether you are a new or experienced investor,...

Sep 12, 2019

Episode #67 - Proper tenant screening is one of THE most important steps as a rental property owner. But what are the most important tenant screening criteria?
In this Ask Coach episode, Chad shares the top 3 criteria he uses in his business and why he chose them.
If you want to support...

Sep 9, 2019

In this episode Coach Carson interviews Michael Nguyen, a 27-year-old new investor from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After taking Chad's course Real Estate Start School, he diligently applied the lessons and persisted through 23 showings and 11 offers (!) before finally purchasing his first property. You'll hear all the...

Sep 5, 2019

Episode #65 - What interest rate should you pay for private money as a real estate investor? 10%? 6%? What is reasonable?
In this Ask Coach episode, Chad shares what effects the interest rate you pay. And he also shares his own experience from borrowing a lot of private over the last 17...